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NoRedClose for S60 3rd Edition

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NoRedClose HowardForums member djsphynx sheds light on a very useful application that’s apparently been around for several months now. The application is called NoRedClose and does exactly what the name implies: it prevents the red End button from closing the current application if it is accidentally pressed.

Since the beginning of using any S60 device, the red key had always been the default button to push when I wanted to get back to the main menu to open a new application or just leave current app running while I work on something else. The N70 was the first S60 device I used that actually closed applications when the red key was pushed. The workaround is to simply press the Menu key twice, though I’ve read a lot of complaints from several S60 users who miss the simple functionality of just pressing the red key. This application is the answer. Click ahead to read my impressions.

The version I tried on my N95 needed to be signed, but also wasn’t $4.99 as suggests. I’d go into detail about the menus and settings of this application, but there’s only one screen that really matters.
When you open the application, you’re greeted with a simple white screen with very limited data on it. Opening the options menu only yields a few more selections, but only the Settings are important. NoRedClose-Main NoRedClose-Settings

The application is set to have the End key return to the main menu by default. I really don’t know why this setting exists at all. If you can also choose to turn this feature off, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of having the app running in the first place?
Anyway, it does exactly what it advertises, so I really don’t have any complaints there. The only issue that really bothers me is that the application keeps an icon open in the task manager to let you know it’s still running. I’d much prefer something similar to Best Full Screen Caller, which leaves the app running silently without a similar icon.

NoRedClose-TManager Something like this makes me question why Nokia changed the behavior of the End key in the first place. I’ve found uses for the End key closing certain apps, such as exiting the Messaging app after sending a quick text message on the fly without waiting for the Sending… splash screen to disappear, but there should be another option. How hard would it be to include an additional tab in the Settings menu that allowed the user to choose which applications close or minimize when the red key is pressed? Just a thought. Also, this application does not autostart when you restart your phone. To add this functionality, there is a freeware application called PowerBoot which allows you to choose which applications start when your phone turns on. It’s quite handy for not just something like this, but also for any other applications you’d like to start automatically when your phone does.

The free trial is available from the links listed above and it’s definitely worth a try if you can’t stand the current functionality of the end key on current s60v3 devices.


Written by Jonathan

June 1, 2007 at 6:06 am

Posted in Applications

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