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Nokia Fan Merch!

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I got my package in the mail this past Friday, but got so caught up with work and family events that I didn’t have time to post pictures of all the cool things I got.

Box o' Nokia

The grand total for all the junk I purchased was $46.43 after shipping, which isn’t too bad considering all of the stuff that I received.

Invoice, packing slips

The Opened Box

The total package consisted of 8 pens, 2 T-shirts, a black golf towel, a tumbler, a water-bottle (high quality durable plastic, mind you), a phone holder, and 6 dummy phones. Yes, dummy phones. I wish I could’ve picked up all those phones for under $50.

The Dummies-1


The Dummies-2

It may sound kinda stupid to order a bunch of dummy phones, but I think they’re the best part by far. Why? Two reasons. One, they were FREE, so why not? And two, size references. There are several websites to visit to try to understand the dimensions of a device you may be interested in such as GSM Arena or even Sizeasy, which actually gives you a 3D image comparison next to well known items (like a deck of cards), but even then, it’s hard to truly comprehend the shape and feel. With dummy phones, not only am I now able to feel the weight of a bunch of phones I’ve never used (and some I’ve had), but now I can post pictures of real devices next to older, familiar devices for review purposes. I don’t know if I’ll have the financial ability to review new devices in the near future, but it’s excellent to have the tools handy to explain how large or small a new device is.

On a separate note, I wore the blue T-shirt out the other night, and couldn’t help but feel like a complete dork. Family and friends didn’t mind, since they all know how much of a Nokia fan I am, but I can only imagine what complete strangers were thinking. I felt like a huge walking billboard, and what made it worse was that I paid Nokia for the materials. Stefan at says it makes perfect sense because we’re fans of the company. While I do agree that we’re fans, I don’t think it’s quite the same situation as supporting your favorite band or team by buying expensive T-shirts at a concert or event. As I commented, how hard would it be for Nokia (or even eBay seller, x1387, of whom I’m a very frequent customer) to throw in a T-shirt or a couple pens with their logo on them after I’ve spent well over $5000 on their products?

For those interested in purchasing promotional items like me and Stefan did, you can jump on over to to place your order. Be sure to all of the tabs to browse all of the products and check the Free POS tab for the free dummy phones.


Written by Jonathan

June 4, 2007 at 1:15 am

Posted in s60 Suggestions

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