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Where were you when the iPhone was released?

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Apple, Perimeter MallJune 29th has come and gone now and no matter what type of phone you use, if you’re into cell phones, you probably heard about the iphone. If you weren’t in line to buy one, you were near a store to watch people buy one and hopefully get your hands on it, and if you weren’t there, you were at home clicking refresh on some popular mobile news websites, such as EngadgetMobile or IntoMobile. Where was I on this memorable occasion? Downstairs, and around the bend, I was hanging out with the guys at the Nokia Experience Center. 🙂

Nokia Experience Center While everybody was eager to try out the newest gadget from Apple that we had all been waiting for since it was first announced at Macworld last year, I was much more interested in visiting my old friends at Nokia. Last time I visited, I helped Angela out by signing and installing RotateMe on her N80 and I talked with everyone there about the future of Nokia. We talked a little bit about the iphone, but none of us were all too concerned about it. There’s something about Nokia’s products that keep you coming back, no matter how far off you stray. When the Sidekick II was really popular from T-Mobile, I couldn’t help myself and had to try it out. At the time, I was using a Nokia 6260, and didn’t have any reason for wanting to change my phone whatsoever. I had very few complaints about the devic, but I got so wrapped up in the marketing for it that it didn’t seem to matter. It only took me a grand total of three days for me to realize that even the 6260, one of Nokia’s lower end
S60 devices was much more capable than the Sidekick. There were some great things about it when I used it, but there was nothing that could compare to the quality, simplicity, and freedom of using the Symbian operating system. As soon as it was sold, I bought myself an unlocked Nokia 6670 to hold me over until I could afford the next big thing from Nokia.

Tonight was another example of Nokia’s ability to maintain its relationship with its customers. I admit that I have been very interested in exploring the capabilities of the iphone with hopes of filling the gaps where
S60 needs improvement, but tonight I was just unimpressed. Any long time
S60 user would feel the same way after playing with the iphone. After I finished exploring every feature and menu possible on the iphone, I made my way back downstairs to take a better look at the E65 and the E61i which I may be purchasing soon.

I thought the iphone was an absolute blast to play with, the interface was simply gorgeous, it was almost too simple, and everything worked on it very smoothly, but it just wasn’t
S60.iPhone It is still a product of Apple , and as such it has many restrictions that fall directly in line with the same restrictions associated with the iPod. I don’t want to dedicate this post to writing a full review of my first impressions of the iphone, but to keep it short, I’ll just say it wasn’t for me. I’m sure it will be excellent for plenty of AT&T customers, but I’ve used
S60 too long to try to adjust to something completely different. I’m happy to be a part of the Nokia family, despite any faults I may find when using any of their products.

Here are the rest of the pictures I took of the event with my N95 for all to enjoy. 🙂



Written by Jonathan

June 30, 2007 at 7:28 am

Posted in Mobile Events

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