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Nokia N95-US 3G

It’s been quite some time since I posted, but some of the new developments from
Nokia have motivated me enough to take specific time out of my schedule to rant at least a little.

In case you didn’t happen to catch the news that ripped across every mobile news site on the internet,
Nokia today announced a new 8gb black variant of the

N95 to be released within the next month or so (~$760), and shortly thereafter announced the US 3G variant to be released in September ($699). Both models feature a new, 1200 mAh battery and over double the available RAM of the current

N95. For most

N95 users, this comes as fantastic news, but it doesn’t sit very well with me whatsoever. . .

I feel cheated by
Nokia. RAM has been the worst issue with 3rd Edition since day 1 (almost a year and a half ago), everyone complained about it, and now, after the original

N95 has been released as troublesome as any other RAM-deficient S60,
Nokia makes it obsolete for both markets with a larger battery and more RAM for $50 less than the original.

Over the course of the past 3 years, I’ve spent more money on
Nokia products than on any other expense, perhaps only next to food. The

N95 is the 10th S60 phone I’ve owned along with 4

Bluetooth headsets, the BH501

Bluetooth headphones, the SU-8W wireless keyboard, dozens of spare batteries and chargers, several different pay services (some
Nokia , some not), and most recently, over $50 in promotional merchandise to support my favorite company. I even owned a 21″ CRT monitor that was made by
Nokia! Is it too much to ask for a little back? Or at the very least, a little appreciation for the money spent over these years instead of feeling forgotten entirely?

I understand that technology is ever changing. I see this almost every month with all of the various laptops and desktops I sell and how the prices slide dramatically as the new technology becomes more and more available. I don’t think this new situation with the

N95 variants qualifies whatsoever though. I purchased the

N95 with the intention of keeping the device for at least 1 year before having to upgrade. I knew the N81 and N82 were on their way after I purchased it, and I had no problem with new devices having new features over the

N95. The problem I have is that this is the exact same phone. The US 3G

N95 isn’t a “new phone”; it’s an

N95 with upgrades that should have been available when the original

N95 was available. Granted, each new variant has it’s own unique feature that could very well merit a completely different model number, I’m not interested in either phone for either of those unique features. Since I’m still under contract with T-Mobile, the US 3G doesn’t help me out at all, and having an internal 8gb hard drive seems more restrictive to me than anything else. I’d much prefer to have a microSD slot so I can either use multiple SD cards for various media purposes or to be able to expand the memory to a larger card when the technology becomes available. I’d be much more lenient if the issues arose recently, but as I said, RAM has been the worst issue with S60 devices since 3rd Edition was released on the N80.

I’m tired of being the test group. I’m tired of spending a premium for a feature-filled device to assist
Nokia in market research while they work out all the bugs, only to release the SAME device 5 months later with all of the problems worked out. I simply can’t afford it anymore.


Written by Jonathan

August 30, 2007 at 6:04 am

Posted in Rants

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