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Nokia Marketing and Perspective

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Just a quick update. After having heard the announcement from the S60 event in London, I believe it was pretty obvious that I wasn’t happy with what I heard. I noticed this floating around the smartphone grapevine and watched it at least a dozen times myself, as well as shown it to a handful of people.

This video like many of Nokia’s other marketing videos are completely different from commercials you’d normally see about electronics. Instead of focusing on the device itself, Nokia focuses on how that device is going to impact those who use it and how it’s going to being people together. This video inspired me to get back into blogging more than just once a month, which I’ll hopefully be able to do from now on. It really shows that Nokia’s concern isn’t strictly about making money and selling more units, but to help people understand the impact the devices have and how they can truly change lives.

I’m excited for the US 3G N95 being released this month to the point where I may have to switch carriers just to get the full experience out of it. 🙂


Written by Jonathan

September 15, 2007 at 5:49 am

Posted in Compliments

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