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Look what came in the mail today…

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I was expecting a package for a couple days now, but I didn’t realize it was going to be held at the front office. Good thing I checked today. Many thanks to Siobhan at WOM World for the opportunity to try out my first device!

Mystery Box

Click ahead to see the full unboxing video. . .

I only had a brief experience today playing with it, but so far, I’m really impressed. Both Ricky and Zach have brought up the question “who is this device for?” and I’m still thinking about that too. It seems too recreational to be a business tool, but fitted with such a stern operating system that you’d think it’s only purpose was to be for strict business. I don’t know yet.


Here’s what I think so far.

  • Screen-
    • Incredible. I specifically bought myself an E61i a few months back for a backup as well as a superior web browsing device, but it didn’t work out at all like I thought it would. The screen was bigger, but the same lower resolution as a majority of the newer N-series, as well as the same problems with RAM management and the browser closing too frequently. With this huge, 4.1″ 800×480 screen, web pages look gorgeous and every menu is a pleasure to browse through.
  • Web Browser-
    • This beast has no problems whatsoever with most websites you throw at it. To my surprise, it sent me to the real SoonR website rather than the mobile version like it would on my N95. It also allowed me to sign in to Bank of America’s website, which has kicked me to an screen claiming my device is “unsupported” on any version of the native S60 browser (Opera Mini Beta can access the site without any problems).
    • The funny part is I don’t currently have my wireless network setup as of yet, so I’ve been grabbing unprotected networks between the sea of encrypted ones in my neighborhood while I can , and playing with it in excess in public WLAN areas. Well, I guess it’s not that funny. . .
  • RAM and Multitasking-
    • This is where the N800 shines. Having used nothing but RAM-deficient S60 devices for more than a year and a half, I was reluctant to start opening too many applications on the N800 at once. I ended up leaving several things open by accident in my excitement, and to my surprise, none of them closed! When I first found a wireless access point, I opened the web browser to visit Howard Forums and then remembered that I could retrieve my email. I opened the email client, retrieved all my emails and attachments, started browsing through some of the larger image attachments, and shuddered when I remembered I left the web browser open. Not a problem, it seems. I’m both impressed with the N800 for being such a workhorse and disappointed in all S60v3 devices for being anything but, simultaneously.
  • Text input-
    • I can’t STAND this! My options are limited to a tiny keyboard similar to that found on WM devices or handwriting recognition which is even slower. I’m still trying very hard to give it a chance, but it’s proving to be very, very difficult. I can tell you that using the prism-like stylus is definitely much faster and more efficient than the tap-and-pray method found on the iPhone, but nowhere near as useful as keys with tactile feedback. T9, QWERTY, whatever, anything but this.
  • I’m carrying two devices-
    • And that’s lame. The N800 is more than equipped with the hardware to make phone calls in one form or another, but from my lack of experience with it as a whole, I don’t know how to do this very easily and I don’t think your average user would be able to either. Even so, when not in an area with a wireless network, there only option to make a call would be to use an S60 device with a MoIP application and tether the connection to the N800, but that just defeats the purpose entirely. I wouldn’t mind using this device as my primary mobile phone if it came with a GSM radio and SIM card slot built in, regardless of how big it is.

I had better stop there or I’ll end up writing my full review until 6am and I still have plenty to explore. I’m going to be reading up on some of the more interesting things you can do with an N800 and giving it a thorough inspection over the next few weeks.


Written by Jonathan

September 22, 2007 at 8:40 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Great post Jonny! 🙂 I’m liking this thing more and more as I continue to use it…. I actually did come across the first site that the N800 had problems with today though – and of course it had to be eBay. Check out My eBay on your account. 😉


    September 22, 2007 at 9:38 pm

  2. I uh like a very much Korki Buchek you know Korki Buchek?

    C. S. Brooks

    September 23, 2007 at 5:12 am

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