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Fullscreen KeyboardWell, actually, Kellee found it acceidentally on our way to dinner, but the feature has been found nonetheless! I remember seeing the full, widescreen keyboard at one time at the store, but I had no idea how to turn it on, much less how easy it is (press the center key on the D pad while in a text field). I’m sure this is common knowledge for those who are familiar with the , but I’m still trying to catch up and I haven’t even started looking around at any sites yet.

I’ve decided to celebrate the discovery of this feature (and the incredible dinner we had) by blogging this entire post on the itself.

…Or at least I was going to. As soon as I tried to mess around a little bit with WordPress with the , I wasn’t able to save anything I was working on, the text would duplicate itself in the post when I zoomed out of the fullscreen keyboard, and I wasn’t able to pull up the visual editor either after I changed my settings several times. In that regard, I am not very impressed with how the handles itself as a blogging tool from the couch.

On a more positive note, the did handle all of the preparation for this post very well. I experienced no problems whatsoever opening multiple web pages at a time to grab the URL for the image used for this post and swap back and forth between them to copy and paste it accordingly. What’s more, I had yet to configure my to upload images directly to since my last hard reset, so I made an attempt to grab those settings with the as well. No problems whatsoever.

For quick tasks like these, the is very well suited to be a quick replacement for a laptop (if your main interest in a laptop is to browse the web wirelessly from the convenience of anywhere in your house). Even with the fullscreen keyboard, text input is still much slower than a traditional QWERTY keyboard, but that seems to be the only drawback. Otherwise, it’s a great little tool to catch up on your favorite websites.

I’m still trying to come to a conclusion as to what the target market is for this device, but I still don’t have a concrete answer yet. I’ve sparked some very interesting conversations with people I work with about the device and have gotten overall positive feedback about the device. People tend to take me much more seriously when I’m trialling a device, rather than preaching about a device I spent several hundred dollars on. In this situation, they look at the with a much more open mind when I don’t come off as the crazy guy who buys high end mobile devices.

My next post(s) will primarily deal with how the does as a replacement for other devices based on its features, if the hardware allows it to compete, and I’ll post some more in-depth review information as well as I get more familiar with it.


Written by Jonathan

September 25, 2007 at 4:06 am

Posted in s60 Suggestions

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  1. Hey Jonny – You should also be able to activate the full screen keyboard by pressing a text field with your thumb as opposed to the stylus. The N800 actually knows which implement you’re using based on the surface area covered when contact is made with the screen! Little stylus yields the little keyboard (and menus) – big finger yields the big keyboard (and menus). Sometimes it hiccups but I find it usually works really well. 🙂


    September 25, 2007 at 12:59 pm

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