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The Smartphone Show and Text Input

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For those that aren’t aware, Steve Litchfield has a fantastic video podcast called “The Smartphone Show” that is all about…well, smartphones (just like his website, I’ve been a long time reader of his site and viewer of the Smartphone Show, but I got a little surprise tip from HowardForums member ebeygin today about his show…

I wrote to Steve a few weeks back about his article regarding text input on mobile devices. In episode 47, Steve put together some numbers for how fast texting can be on various smartphones with various text input methods. I wrote to Steve about how much I absolutely LOVE T9 and sent him a screenshot of my speed results using the T9 on the N95 at In his newest entry, episode 48 not only details an excellent comparison between the 8gb N95 and the 8gb iPhone, but Steve also drops my name for tipping him off to the iPhone typing test site. Thanks for the mention Steve! …though my last name is pronounced brew-hah 😉 (without any Southern drawl, thank you very much).

Click ahead if you want to see some of my silly speed test that prompted me to write to him.

Below is a couple screenshots of what I usually get when I visit that site. I average around 55 WPM and get get up to around 65 to 67 WPM when I give it my full attention.

Fast Typing on the N95Fast typing 2Fast typing 3 Fast Typing 4

Keep in mind there’s some kind of error with the site when using phones other than the iPhone, so no matter how perfect the sentence is, it always comes up saying I made errors.

Honestly, I actually prefer to use T9 over anything else out there, including the various types of QWERTY keyboards. I’ve used several different phones with different methods, but I still keep coming back to T9. Even when I had the E70 or my older 6800, I still would prefer to use the outer, normal, T9 keypad for most of my text input. It’s faster (probably due to the smaller range of motion, if I had to guess), more accurate (acting almost like a spell checker), it can be used comfortably with one hand if need be, and for those rare occasions where you need to type without looking, you can still do it.

With speeds like these, do you see now why the keypad on the N82 is so important to me?


Written by Jonathan

December 4, 2007 at 7:27 pm

Posted in s60 Suggestions

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  1. nice site dude. i just came across it today. is it ok if i make a post on my blog about you signing peoples apps? i’ll send the little traffic i have your way.

    mikalive from hofo

    December 7, 2007 at 10:11 pm

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