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Saving Images in the S60 Browser

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Thoughts On S60 in the Web BrowserOne of the few things I hear people complain about with S60 is the inability to save images directly from the web browser. Having only briefly used Windows Mobile devices in the past, even I was familiar with Pocket Internet Explorer’s capabilities for downloading images from websites by just holding down the stylus to the touch screen and selecting the option from the drop down menu. I didn’t think anything like this was possible on S60 for the longest time, but after playing around with some of the settings, I’ve found that it most certainly is possible, and there are some other nifty features in doing so as well. For those of you who already knew about this features, feel free to skip through this one, but if not, read on for a brief tutorial.

Let’s say for instance I was browsing around Engadget Mobile and came across an interesting post on the rumored N96 that Nokia’s working on right now.

N96 Spotted at Engadget Mobile

Rather than waiting until I was at a normal desktop to be able to save the image or trying to take an awkward screenshot of the web browser displaying the image, I can just save it directly. To do this, I first position the cursor over the image I want to save (Unfortunately, the Screenshot utility does not include the image of the cursor when capturing a screenshot, but you can see I’m over the image by the purple highlighted lines surrounding the image).

N96 Image

Then, in the settings, I press Options, Tools, View Images.

Digging through the menus...

I’m presented with a small icon window that shows all of the images located in the area where my cursor is positioned.

Thumbnail view

Clicking on the highlighted image brings me to a new window called “Image Viewer” with a new list of options and menus.

Image Viewer

The Save option at the very top was the one I was looking for.

Save ImageMore Options

Now, what’s even better about this other screen is all of the other menu options that are available. From this screen, not only can I save the image, but as you can see I can also Send the image, change the way I’m viewing the image with Rotate, Zoom, and Full Screen options, and even use the image for my background or as a caller ID photo for one of my contacts. The Send prompt also brings up the normal list of ways to send the image just like you would normally see when trying to send any type of file.

I think the best part about the way this works like a lite version of viewing images in the Gallery. All of the menu functions are natively found in the phone itself and it’s available even when you’re just trying to do something as simple as save an image. Give it a shot if you haven’t already.


Written by Jonathan

January 21, 2008 at 7:52 pm

Posted in Applications

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