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Review: Nokia BH-602 Bluetooth Headset

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Nokia BH-602+N95-3I realize that accessory reviews can sometimes be pretty drawn out and boring, so I’m going to try to keep this one relatively brief. I ordered this headset for myself last week to replace my BH-600 which I had frankly just grown tired of. It worked exceptionally well, but it was never much of anything to look at and the weight of the headset made it hurt my ears after only a couple hours of use. After about a day’s use of the BH-602, I can safely say this is by far the best headset I’ve ever owned, and this will be the 14th headset I’ve used.

Read on for the review and more pictures.

Below is the picture of the BH-600 I’m replacing. It did its job well, it’s just time to move on.

Nokia BH-600


I wore the headset from around 2:00pm and 10:00pm last night testing various functions while doing other things around the house. At times when I wasn’t paying any attention to my phone, I forgot I was wearing the headset entirely. The ear hook is non-invasive on the back of the ear and the ear piece doesn’t need to be crammed into the ear for decent sound quality. It just rests there for optimal comfort and performance. The only gripe I have about it is that it is not very stable compared to the BH-600, but it still won’t blow off the ear or anything extreme like that. I just don’t recommend wearing it while sticking your head out the window of your car. 😉

On the ear-BH-602

The black portion of the BH-602 has a textured leather look and feel to it. Surrounding it is a chrome plastic that gives the device a very luxurious look to it that my previous BH-600 certainly didn’t have. If you can’t see the detail, click on the image to see the image in higher resolutions.


Battery Life and Charging

There is a really interesting feature about how the BH-602 charges that is a first for me. The charging process only takes an impressive 15 minutes to allow for 5 hours of talk time, and a complete charge takes 45 minutes. I’ve never had any piece of technology take so little time to charge. I’ve always been conditioned to just keep my devices on their respected charges overnight to last me the following day. Thus far, the claims have been pretty accurate. I used it a lot yesterday and needed to charge it earlier today, which I expected.

Charged BH-602


The BH-602 has a another feature I’ve never used before. It allows your phone to stay paired to the headset while it is being charged. With all of my other headsets, plugging the headset into the charger meant I wouldn’t be using it until I unplugged it, but not with the BH-602. On top of that, I haven’t had a single pairing issue with the headset like I used to have with the BH-600. I used to have to reset all of the pairing settings once a week on my N95 just to get it to connect correctly, but I haven’t run into an issue with it yet. When the headset is off, everything disconnects correctly and it reconnects when the headset is turned back on automatically.

Power button and charging port-BH-602

It has three different LED’s with different light patterns to indicate its status (color coded for your convenience). When switched on, the headset will blink green. When switched off, the headset will blink red. During the initial pairing process, the LED will blink blue rapidly until pairing is complete and when paired normally, it will blink blue. When charging, the headset will keep a consistent red color, but if the phone is paired to it, it will blink blue intermittently to indicate that it is still paired. When the device has finished charging, the LED will stay lit with a consistent green, but if the phone is paired to it, it will also blink blue intermittently just like when charging. Finally, when the headset is low on battery, it will blink red instead of blue to indicate it needs to be charged.

Sound Quality

The initial review I heard from my girlfriend when I was testing the device was that she could definitely tell I was using a headset on her end, but when I called her at work today, she had no idea I was using the headset until I told her I was 10 minutes into our conversation. On the receiving end, the call quality is about the same as using the ear piece on my N95-3 itself, just without the interference of outside noise. No complaints whatsoever.

Earpiece BH-602


Best headset I’ve ever used, period.

Bh-602 2

Feel free to check out my Ovi page for more pictures of the BH-602.

I purchased my BH-602 from Tiger Direct for a reasonable $59.99, which is coincidentally the same price as the BH-600 on their site as well.


Written by Jonathan

March 11, 2008 at 9:03 pm

Posted in s60 Suggestions

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  1. Great review. One of the first headset reviews I’ve read that doesn’t bore the hell out of me.

    Have you ever used the -902? That is a headset worth reviewing if you are able to get your hands on one –


    March 13, 2008 at 8:16 pm

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