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Connect ’08

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Connect '08I just got back from a Circuit City sponsored event, Connect ’08, in Louisville, KY. Everything was paid for in full by both Circuit City and the vendors that were present at the event, including airfare, accommodations, food, and I was paid for any time not spent in the hotel. On top of all of that, everyone that attended received one of four DSLR’s randomly selected. The DSLR’s given away were the Olympus E-420, Nikon D60, Sony A350, and the Canon Rebel XTi, complete with an additional charged battery, camera bag, Sandisk 4gb Ultra II CF card, and a DSLR for Dummies book. As cool as this was, I randomly received what I considered to be the worst of them, the E420, so I ended up not opening it whatsoever. Instead, I used my new N95-4 for taking pictures instead. I know there’s a noticeable difference in image quality, but having the ability to record video and not having to carry such a large camera around with me was more important than using it. I’m probably going to either sell it, raffle it off to my guys at work, or try to find a use for it. I’m leaning towards selling it altogether.

Of the vendors there, Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, Samsung, and Panasonic stood out the most to me for some innovative features coming to their newer cameras, but Canon and JVC were too busy trying to entertain all of us to keep us from realizing they didn’t have anything new for this imaging season.

Thank you to Circuit City and all of the vendors for inviting me to such an excellent event!

I took tons of pictures and a couple videos which are being uploaded to Ovi right now. Click on the image to be redirected to my Ovi channel with all of the pictures I took during the event.


Written by Jonathan

April 26, 2008 at 6:17 am

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