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Cracking the code…with only Nokia hardware

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I noticed a couple bloggers have already covered this new viral ad from Nokia, but I had a very fun experience messing around with it today since I don’t have most of the equipment required to participate. If you haven’t read anything about it yet, the website launched almost a month ago with a countdown to a date when the weirdest video ever created would be shown. Since that date passed, a scan of a notice of immediate termination letter was posted instead. If you go to the correct site, however, you should see something like this:

The site consists of a sequence of puzzles or “seals” that need to be broken to reveal different downloadable content and all of it corresponds to some new content that was added to the Download! application on most S60 devices. The site also requires you to have different pieces of computer hardware to unlock everything correctly. Seeing as how I don’t have much of what was required, I made do with nothing but Nokia equipment.

The Download! application on your device should have a link called “Secret” in the What’s Hot section.

Opening it should give you three options; The Application, The Ringtone, and The Wallpaper.

Each one needs to be downloaded and saved or installed to properly break the seals on the Open at Own Risk Flash site. If you’d like to download the content directly, click on either of the screenshots below.

When you visit the proper Open At Own Risk site, you’re presented with a brief introduction about breaking the 4 seals to reveal the video and potentially win a T-shirt.

The first seal is a group of 6 symbols that need to be put into the correct order. Clicking the hint reveals that there’s supposed to a be a video available in the Download! application that hasn’t been uploaded yet. This was the only seal I could not break.

The second seal requires the use of a microphone connected to your computer to record the sound of The Ringtone that was downloaded to your device.

I don’t have a microphone however, but I do have several Bluetooth headsets and headphones.

I hooked up my BH-601 to my computer, played The Ringtone through my N95-4, and unlocked the seal. Doing so grants access to a desktop wallpaper of all of the weird characters from the weird video.

The third seal requires a web cam to prove that you have downloaded The Wallpaper from the Download! section on your phone.

The only webcam I have is one I bought almost 2 years ago and has extremely faulty drivers for Vista. The last time I tried to use it, results were poor and took over 3 hours to setup. Instead, I loaded up an older copy of Mobiola Webcam for S60v2 installed it onto my N70. Then, with the wallpaper  displayed on my N95-4, I captured the image with the N70, which unlocked the seal.

Unlocking this seal reveals another desktop wallpaper in a variety of sizes of some of the highlights of the video against a  yellow canvas background.

The fourth seal involves using The Application that was downloaded from the Download! section to reveal the proper corresponding code.

When you open The Application on your device, it should look something like this:

Once you click through a couple different screens, you’ll be presented with this:

This allows you to type the 4 digit code presented to you on the Open at Own Risk site and will generate another 4 digit code to put back into the site.

I don’t know what kind of video Nokia is hiding, but it’s all been fun nonetheless. The first 500 people to go through these steps and notice the video in the Download! application will be awarded with an Open at Own Risk T-Shirt. My fingers are crossed that this whole ordeal has something to do with a new device being launched (Tube, please?), but I guess time will tell.


Written by Jonathan

July 30, 2008 at 8:56 pm

Posted in s60 Suggestions

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