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Nokia Launches Ovi Sync

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Nokia has finally come full circle with its range of server-based services with Ovi Sync, a new feature to the list of Ovi services that allows both S60 and S40 users the ability to synchronize contacts, calendar, entries, and notes with the cloud instead of with your desktop.

I’m very excited about this new service for both my own usage as well as for what it means for Nokia. This is one of the final steps to complete the experience of using an S60 device rather than just using the device by itself, and it’s all through the same portal. With the same, single link on my browser and S60 device, I have access to Share on Ovi for uploading images and video, Files on Ovi for accessing all of my files on my desktop from anywhere, and now the newest piece, Ovi Sync for managing all of my PIM data.

For me, personally, I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time. The only reason I’ve used Outlook for the past several years was to have a suitable application for Nokia PC Suite (now with Ovi Suite also available) to use for a sync profile, but that’s not an issue anymore.

There are only a couple things I would like to see from this service in the future that it doesn’t have currently. Bookmarks are not part of the sync yet, which I would imagine will be added sooner than later. The Sync application itself on your S60 device needs to be set for automatic synchronization at predetermined intervals for this new service to replace desktop sync altogether. I would also really like to see a way for the Sync to be initiated from the Ovi Sync website rather than forcing me to start it from my device. All of these are minor though and most can be added if requested enough.

Click any of the links above to start setting up your services with Ovi if you haven’t already!


Written by Jonathan

August 28, 2008 at 10:50 pm

iPhone in the car? Keep it in the glove box…

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During my brief amount of time spent with the iPhone, one of the first things I noticed (and one of the more important reasons I decided to sell it) is how poorly it performed as a one-handed device. While not being impossible, this has come to be very important to me due to the way I use my devices in my car. After struggling unnecessarily to make and receieve phone calls, use it as my source of music, and some other miscellaneous functions I had become accustomed to on most of my Nokias, I reached a conclusion: you have NO BUSINESS doing anything with it in a vehicle. Click through to read why.

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Written by Jonathan

August 14, 2008 at 11:19 pm

Quick Phone Status Update

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I realize that a lot has changed with the devices I’ve used in the past couple months, so I thought I’d share a quick update as far as what I’ve used and my experiences with each device.

iPhone 16gb-Despite my setback with receiving only a bag from AT&T, I did finally get the phone a week later. I also sold it the day before the 3G iPhone was announced for a decent profit. Apple’s still got a long way to go before I buy one of their phones (especially if I have to hunt for one like a Wii Fit and sacrifice my zero-month commitment with AT&T just to get one).

N95-4-I have been experiencing very poor reception, consistent video recording issues, and it will randomly lock up with the error “Insert SIM card” every 6-8 hours. It was received today by Nokia’s Repair Center and with luck I should have it back next week.

N70-A buddy of mine rolled through town a few weeks back and ended up trading his N70 (which I had originally sold him in the first place) for an old N73 that I had lying around plus some cash. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but I really wish the N70 was triband.

E71-2-With my N95 out to service and the not having a suitable backup, I thought it best to buy something to use in the meantime and the E71-2 fit the bill. If you’d like a full review, you can find one from almost any Nokia blog, but my initial impressions are very positive. I’m going to hate using an Nseries again in the future for the difference in build quality alone. I’m going to write a more comprehensive list of little things that I really like about the E71 in a couple days.

When I get my N95 back, I’m planning on selling it or the E71, but I have no idea which yet. Either way, I’m trying to get myself used to the poor 3.2mp camera so using the Tube won’t be such a downgrade.

Written by Jonathan

August 11, 2008 at 11:17 pm