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New Ringtones and Alert Tones for All

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All About Symbian posted an entry about Nokia demonstrating some updates to Ovi when there services became more integrated a few weeks ago. Aside from the new look of the website and how well everything seems to fit together, there was also a short jingle at the end of each video that seems to be the theme Nokia wants to associate with Ovi as a brand. I’ve taken the liberty of extracting that tone for all to use on their phone and included it in a zip file in the Ringtone section. I’m currently using it as my alert for new email. 🙂

I’ve also included a few other text alerts that I’ve created myself as well as some tones proprietary to specific devices and the new Nokia tune that is now standard on FP2 and newer FP1 handsets (like the E71).

Check the Ringtone Gallery or click here to download them all directly.

I’m going to be changing the layout of the site for a bit too, so if it looks really goofy, everything should be cleared up shortly.


Written by Jonathan

October 2, 2008 at 4:05 pm

Posted in s60 Suggestions

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