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The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Link Roundup and Afterthoughts

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If you’re as excited as I was about Nokia’s big announcement today, then the odds are you’ve probably poured over all of the pictures and watched all of the videos several times now. No? Well, it’s probably just me then. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and reading today trying to decide if this announcement has been a success or a flop and I think I’ve finally come to my conclusion: it’s neither.

It’s exactly what I was guessing it to be since I had first heard about it. It’s a touchscreen device running S60. It was never meant to be the next flagship, it was never supposed to be the best touch screen device on the market, it was simply designed to be traditional S60 with a touch interface. To expect anything more than exactly that is just foolish, especially considering the price point.

Now that said, there are still several little things that are keeping the device exciting for me aside from the touch addition from what I’ve read from all of the various sources today.

-Very LOUD speaker for music playback.

-The touchscreen is similar to that of the Internet Tablets, which is the best resistive touch screen I’ve ever used.

-Each color variation has a tinted reflective coating on the front lining (not just the obvious striped along the outside) and corresponding colored plectrum (guitar pick).

-As commented by Rita, the phone will ship with the stand pictured in the promo shots as well as a carrying case.

-The best part of all, it’s still S60. It’ll still have all of the options to use your phone how YOU want to use your phone.

Given those little things, it’s certainly going to be worth the >$400 when the US version rolls out early next year. I’ll still be picking one up, at least.

Here’s a roundup of everything that was covered today, in no particular order.

Symbian Guru – Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Finally Real

All About Symbian – Nokia 5800 – touch-enabled, mid-range, music-focused S60 phone

Boy Genius Report – Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Finally Announced

Engadget Mobile –The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and Nokia’s 5800 XpressMusic phone intimately detailed on video

Phone Scoop – Nokia 5800 with S60 Touch Hands-On

Gizmodo – Nokia 5800 Xpress Music: Hands-on With Nokia’s First S60 Touch Phone

There are also several threads on Howard Forums that you can check out as well.

*OFFICIAL THREAD: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (Tube)

5800 New pics!!!

Tube – Nokia’s Response to Apple’s iPhone


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