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Diary of an Urban Ninja-Challenge 1

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My girlfriend and I had been planning to use my day off to vote early as to avoid the ridiculously long lines, but it seems that was going to be inevitable. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t have fun and tie my first challenge into it! And so began the first journey of the Urban Ninja…

We began our journey when Rachel came home from work. I was busy playing Guitar Hero: World Tour and trying to figure out how the hell to use the new touch-sensitive buttons conveniently.

Click ahead to see the entire journey…

A true ninja would travel by foot, but since we already had a 4-hour wait ahead of us, we thought it better to use a more modern means of transportation.

Upon arrival, I attempted to sneak into the facility with great stealth!

However, I soon realized that the abundance of daylight and bright colors of the terrain were very conflicting with the darkness of my suit.

And so we reached the line of 300 or more people, all waiting for the same reason-to make their voices heard. At this point, viNe was proving to be extra sluggish and refused to upload any content. I later found there is a very well hidden setting to fix this.

We waited…

And waited…

and waited…

Finally, after 3 hours of waiting, we made it inside…

…only to wait some more…

Security was not so hot about a man in dark clothes and a black mask taking pictures inside the building, so we weren’t able to get any shots of the Urban Ninja at the voting station. I did manage to sneak a picture of the last screen at the voting console, but I’m not going to post who I voted for and potentially start a war. I’ll give you a hint though; there were a lot of write-ins for Christopher Walken. *fingers crossed*

We drove home and decided to stop to satisfy our burning hunger. A ninja has to eat too, right?

With the concealment of my identity being top priority…I was still thirsty.

We grabbed our food, drove home, ate ourselves silly, and passed out. Who knew waiting in a line would take so much energy? I guess it’s different when there’s no ride at the end of the queue.

There are three ways to view the entire time line of these events…

My Face the Task Ovi Channel

My Sports Tracker Workout page

and (allegedly) the Nokia viNe map over Atlanta, GA. I have yet to see my content post to this map, though I spent enough time watching it upload that I know it must have gone through. Both the workouts on my Sports Tracker page and the vines on the viNe map are separated into 7 different journeys because Nokia viNe would decide to quit without me knowing in the background. Not a good start.

I have a lot more to say about the device and I’m getting a lot of excellent picture ideas from a bunch of people. Keep the ideas coming, guys!


Written by Jonathan

October 30, 2008 at 4:39 am

2 Responses

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  1. LOL thats serious! I dont think if I was given the challenge I would be able to go out in public with a ninja suit. You are a much braver man then I and Wom/Nokia was right to trust you with this challenge! Good Luck in the competition


    October 30, 2008 at 7:13 am

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