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I’ve spent a better part of today thinking about what this trip means to me on my journey to remove my addiction to mobile devices. The smartest thing to do would have been to pass on this trip altogether, wouldn’t it? How can two and a half weeks of traveling with the N97 and four brilliant bloggers help me get away from mobile? After today, I realized it can, more than I thought possible.

Without going into too much detail, I realized the person I’m trying to become is the same person Nokia is trying to connect to. I want to be a normal guy with an above-average device that performs how I need, when I need it do, without getting stuck in the habit of exploring every detail because I end up playing with my phone more than I actually need to. Spending all my time with my face buried in the menus and apps on the N97 closes me off to people, which completely defeats the purpose of what the N97 is supposed to be. I realize exactly why Nokia chose us for this trip now. It’s not because of our blogs or our knowledge of mobile tech in general (though I’m sure that helped). They chose us because of our ability to connect to others. We can all easily strike up a conversation with anyone we meet and share very human perspectives, whether they’re mobile oriented or not. And being mindful of that as I make my gradual transition into a normal user helps me to make those connections all the better.

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Written by Jonathan

July 11, 2009 at 2:46 am

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