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N97 Tour: Day(s) 3+4, Mountains and Mobile Camps

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Friday turned out to be the best and worst time I’ve had on the trip thus far. After food, we made our way to Runyon Canyon and if the steep walk up the mountain wasn’t enough, the climb up the mountain was plenty to kick our asses. Getting to the top made it all worth it though and we have plenty of pictures and videos showcasing our accomplishment.


Afterwards we hit up Pinkberry for some ice cream (my first time), hit the hotel for a shower, and strolled down Sunset for a bite to eat at Barney’s Beanery.



Saturday was our first Mobile Camp at UCLA and what a Mobile Camp it was! Turnout was a bit lower than expected, even on such short notice, but the conversation and shared experience was absolutely incredible. I had the pleasure of meeting HoFo regulars RogerPodacter, Dr. Tran, and Mr. Sparkle, and celebrity blogger Ms. Jen from



If I haven’t said it enough already PLEASE make an appearance at any of these camps if you’re in the area. There’s plenty of food and drink, bloggers with devices and stories to share, and you get to take home a free T-shirt!

Later that night we made it to Club Nokia in the LA Live Entertainment District with VIP access to the Dan Band. SO much fun!



I’ve decided that this trip has too much packed into it to record what happens effectively with only the N97 as it happens due to a lack of time alone. Instead, I’ll be briefly updating my blog with smaller posts like this and larger ones with more content and media when I get back to my desktop so there will be plenty to check out when we get back.

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