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N97 Tour: Day 10, Home Court Advantage

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Yesterday we recieved our second set of official challenges from WOM World, the first being to spread the word about the Chicago Mobile Camp. Each of us was assigned to contact the media about the event through newspapers, TV outlets, radio stations, and in person at the Nokia Flagship store. The first three were not very successful since it was the day before the event, but we did manage to print some fliers and get them out at the Flagship Store and over the course of the rest of the day.


Our second challenge was the race to the Sears (recently renamed to Willis) Tower! Each of us was assigned a public venue as a starting point to begin the race and a predetermined time with staggered start times based on the distance from the tower. To make things interesting, we were also instructed to capture pictures of a fire hydrant, a police car, and a doughnut. All of this was also supposed to be tracked using Sports Tracker, of course.

After some brief technical difficulties, I started the race first at 5:05 from Wrigley Field, the furthest away from the tower.


A cab happened to be rounding the corner as soon as I started and I also had a fire hydrant on the same corner.

I immediately told my cab driver what was up and he offered to take me past the police station on the way. He didn’t even finish his sentence before we found one parked on the same street.


Right as we got to the next block, my driver offered to pull into a Shell station on the next corner to grab the picture of the donut.


Traffic was pretty bad and I frantically tried to keep tabs on the other guys using Google Latitude to see if they were catching up to me.

Once we got within a couple blocks of the tower, I paid my driver and tore out down the street to get to the entrance. I asked the receptionist how to get to the top with a panicked voice and was told to go around the corner to get to the Skydeck entrance. It would seem I missed it since the route I took led me to a 15 foot drop to the lower level. Rather than go all the way around, I repelled down the drop with ninja-like precision (read: Face the Task Challenges) and ripped open the doors. . . to get in line. Since the renaming of the tower, it has become a very popular tourist attraction.


I then called Andrew to see if he was ahead of me or if he knew if anyone else was. He was only 5 minutes behind me and George 5 minutes behind him.

Once the qeue brought us downstairs, there was another, longer line through security to get onto the elevators to the top. Fearing that Matt might be in front of me already or that George or Andrew might pull something clever like buying someone’s place ahead of me, I purchased a Speed Pass for one last nose ahead.

I took the elevator after a brief wait and could not find Matt anywhere at the top. I later found out that he had been ahead of me for a better part of the race, but due to his N97 failing to properly save his image of a police car, he had been circling several blocks looking for another one and never made it to the top.

I have plenty of pictures and video taken from the journey that I will be adding to this post, but for the mean time, here’s another incredible shot of the view.


WOM World did say there would be a prize for the winner in New York and I’m very curious what they had in mind.

We all redezvoused at McCormick & Shtick’s Seafood Bar and Grill afterwards for a round of drinks and a late meal. This has easily been the most fun challenge we’ve done since the start of the tour.

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  1. […] sounds very exciting, and he provides proof of success with the 3 required photographs of fire hydrant, police car and doughnut. Also reporting on the […]

  2. nice snaps. this is a loveable town!!! cheers from .it


    July 21, 2009 at 5:29 am

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