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N97 Tour: Day 12, the Presidents Walk/Ride and draw by number 2

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Yesterday was a day for Sports Tracker. Being the last day in Chicago, it was imperative to finish the last two challenges handed down from WOM World before we departed for New York.

The first of the challenges was to lead the group on a “Presidents Walk”, touring Chicago using only streets names after US presidents (excusing Lake Shore Dr). I spent a few hours planning the route on Friday but once we started it, we quickly realized that the “walk” would be much better suited if we had a faster form of transportation. We decided to rent bicycles from Navy Pier and it was definitely the right decision.


Towards the end of the tour, Andrew found himself with a flat tire and needed to call a cab to get him back to the bicycle rental kiosk. George and I were already several blocks ahead and agreed to meet him there while Matt waited with him until his cab arrived.


On our way back, George and I took Lake Shore Drive back up to the Pier, stopping at the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium, where we were able to get incredible shots of the city.


Later that night, the four of us picked up a ZipCar for a couple hours to drive to the nearest White Castle (my personal midwest favorite), and use Sports Tracker to draw the second number using Chicago as my canvas. The path was short enough to walk, but given the area and the time of night, it was much safer to keep these four bloggers with expensive mobile hardware in their pockets inside the vehicle. This is the final result that can be found on my Sports Tracker page as well (though without a map in the background, strangely Fix’d!).


Today is our flight to New York, our final city, where we will receive our final set of challenges and attend the biggest Nokia party since the N95 launch at the Hollywood Mansion in 2007. I just so happen to have a bonus ticket to give away, and will award it to whoever comments with the best idea for some last minute things to do in New York before we fly home. Drop your comment ASAP and I’ll send the winner an email with instructions for what I need to get you on the guest list. The party is on Wednesday the 22nd at the Xchange, so if you haven’t been invited yet, hurry up and comment!

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