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N97 Tour: Day 13, Flight to New York

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Monday was our flight to New York that seemed to take all day, just as Andrew said. A mid-afternoon flight with breakfast, packing in the morning, and getting to and from the airports felt like an entire day was wasted just to travel.

Upon arriving at our hotel, the Shoreham, I was instantly impressed with the lobby and entrance, but seriously let down by the room. It was luxurious in its own way, but really emphasized the New York lifestyle with how small the space was.

Fortunately, we didn’t stay in our rooms very long and quickly set out to soak up the city a bit. I had never been and found a lot of it to be very intimidating. Even though I grew up near Chicago my entire life, the vast area of New York with a seemingly endless amount of towering buildings surrounding you on every street was a lot to take in.

We grabbed some street dog vendors right down the street from the hotel and I felt instantly transported into GTAIV.

We dropped into the Nokia Flagship Store on 5th Avenue in hopes of finding an N86 to play with and check out the other floors (the Chicago store having one floor and no N86). The store itself had a completely different attitude than the Chicago store. All of the staff was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, the store had a pretty good amount of traffic for a Monday night before closing, and the entire atmosphere made us feel very welcome. I’ve never experienced a Flagship store like that before, especially after our trips to the Chicago store just a few days prior. The manager, Mohsen, talked to me about how frequently they hold events for the large community of S60 enthusiasts, and I can’t remember Chicago doing anything nearly as frequently as he described.

They were not able to provide us with an N86 to play around with, unfortunately, but they did at least have a small display on the second floor with something for us to look at.

N86 Mini-Display

N86 Mini-Display

Afterwards, Matt took us around his old neighborhood, which only intimidated me further. The streets in New York are much more dense than in most other large cities with tall buildings on all sides, making it easy for someone to feel claustrophobic.

This was the first image I was able to take after my initial shock of the city.


Written by Jonathan

July 24, 2009 at 9:51 am

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