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N97 Tour: Day 14, The Scavenger Hunt

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Orchestrated by MobileDan and the folks at WOM World, the Scavenger Hunt was our incredible challenge for Tuesday, doubling as a great opportunity to see New York. Using coordinates sent to us from DanDan and Katie from WOM World, each team was to use the Landmarks application in our N97s to find our destinations and use Nokia Maps to navigate ourselves there. George and I made up the first team, starting near Central Park and Andrew and Matt made up the second, starting in

Sports Tracker route through Central Park, part 1, part 2

1. William Tecumseh Sherman

2. Magarita Delacorte Memorial

Scummy Central Park Bathroom (not one of the coordinates, but worth posting)

3. Cleopatra’s Needle

4. Strawberry Fields

Sports Tracker route through lower Manhattan

5. The Sphere

The Bull (bonus)

6. Washington and the Federal Building

7. Everyman

8. City Hall Park

Sports Tracker route up Bowery St.

9. We were supposed to find the Washington Arch as our 9th point, but something went awry with that set of coordinates. We ended up at Kimlau Square instead.

10. The CUBE!



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  1. […] Scavenger Hunt is documented in photographs with links to the SportsTracker routes. Then there’s news that he completed the navigational […]

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