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Getting the most out of your i8910HD: Manufacturer Codes

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As I mentioned in my review of the Samsung i8910HD, there are several manufacturer codes that can be used to tweak performance of all sorts of different features. While the phone is very capable out of the box, it’s a real advantage to be able to access these hidden settings to tune your device exactly to your liking. In this brief, I’ll go some of the major tweaks, how to perform the tweaks yourself, and how to not damage your phone in the process.

This list is my compilation of information found on the Samsung i8910 Omnia forums and all credit goes to Briggs and the members. If you’d like to read about more device codes to experiment with,  please feel free to give them a visit and say thanks if you do.

Before you attempt any of the codes found in this guide, I want to warn that it is not clear what implications this may have on your warranty. While this guide is safe to make minor improvements to the i8910HD, I take no liability for any damage you do to your phone if you experiment outside the parameters of this guide, nor if your warranty becomes void from performing any of these changes. You are making alterations to your device at your own risk. It is also recommended you write down the previous values for any settings you change in the event you want to change them back to default.

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N97 Tour: Day 12, the Presidents Walk/Ride and draw by number 2

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Yesterday was a day for Sports Tracker. Being the last day in Chicago, it was imperative to finish the last two challenges handed down from WOM World before we departed for New York.

The first of the challenges was to lead the group on a “Presidents Walk”, touring Chicago using only streets names after US presidents (excusing Lake Shore Dr). I spent a few hours planning the route on Friday but once we started it, we quickly realized that the “walk” would be much better suited if we had a faster form of transportation. We decided to rent bicycles from Navy Pier and it was definitely the right decision.


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N97 Tour: Day 11, Chicago Mobile Camp

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Saturday was our third and final Mobile Camp at the Illinois Institute of Technology and it was a very mixed bag. The turnout was very low with only two attendees, which was the least of the three. Despite this setback, a lot more personal discussion came out of having such a small group and it allowed everyone to expresss their opinions without anything getting lost.

The most interesting discussion to me that came up at all of the Mobile Camps was why the US market is so different from the rest of the markets where Nokia’s devices are sold. In short, the US market saw the rise of desktops before smartphones, whereas the Asian market saw just the opposite, and Europe saw the rise of both at almost the same time. With that said, it’s no surprise that the iPhone has become so successful in a market that’s trying to get a desktop to fit in their pocket efficiently and with the immense amount of control the carriers have. It emphasizes yet again that Nokia needs to market themselves completely different in the US than they do in other countries and I think efforts like this tour are certainly a step in the right direction.

We also put together a video of Matthew demonstrating the video editing software built into the N95 from years ago that hasn’t been seen on more recent offerings. After seeing the demo and becoming much more focused on mobile blogging on this trip, I’d very much like to see this feature brought back on handsets in the future.

Big thanks to Jeremiah (Pseudofinn) and Craig (SockMonkey) for making it out to the Mobile Camp! It was great to meet you guys and share so many thoughts about the mobile industry.

I personally don’t have any images from the event, but here’s a picture of a movie poster mixup seen near one of the trains we took back to the hotel.

“Right in the Mouth”

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Word Mobi!!!!!11!!1!1!!

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Last night I faced stability issues with my main N97 that required me to switch to the backup and also required I reinstall all of my apps. Apparently I found an older version of WordMobi and only realized it after it failed to save my nearly finished (and very long) blog post about our adventures in Chicago thus far.

Rather than rewrite it this late, I only have time to post what’s important for tomorrow, and that happens to be our final Mobile Camp at the Illinois Institute of Technology in the Armour Room between 10am and 4pm. Just like our previous Mobile Camps, there will be food, drink, and everyone gets a free T-shirt. If you’re in the area and like anything mobile, swing by, hang out, and join in some of the mobile discussion. We’d love to have you! The signup link is in several of my previous posts, but you can just show up if you’d like too. You can find the signup page here .

Though my original post was lost, I will at least post that I did reach the top of the Sears (Willis) Tower today with all three of the required images, winning the city race challenge. I’ll leave you with one of the many breathtaking shots I took at the top.


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N97 Tour: Day 8, Highest to Lowest

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For my second challenge, I took a journey to the tallest point in San Francisco and used Sports Tracker to draw our path down to the lowest point. Matt Bennett and Dan Silvers joined me in taking the 37 bus up the winding roads to Twin Peaks where we climbed the steep stairs to the top.


The plan was to use the incredible view to see Mount Davidson, which is really the highest point in the city (according to Wikipedia), but the intense weather made it impossible to see more than 100 yards in any direction.


From there, Dan and I took the F Market line back up towards the coast (losing rockstar Matt once we neared the hotel) and made our way to the waterline to catch the lowest point. Unfortunately, both of our SportsTracker applications had a hard time dealing with the lack of consistent GPS reception and required a quick reboot to get the data loaded properly. Mine appeared to stop working shortly after we left the mountain peak, but Mobile Dan’s worked a lot better. Check out these links to get to our SportsTracker pages and take a look at the difference in elevation. I didn’t realize it would be so dramatic!

Also take a look at the video captured from the top of the peak live using Qik.

Once again, we have a lot more media to put up that was captured on our adventure and this post will be updated once all of it has been uploaded properly .

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N97 Tour: Day(s) 3+4, Mountains and Mobile Camps

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Friday turned out to be the best and worst time I’ve had on the trip thus far. After food, we made our way to Runyon Canyon and if the steep walk up the mountain wasn’t enough, the climb up the mountain was plenty to kick our asses. Getting to the top made it all worth it though and we have plenty of pictures and videos showcasing our accomplishment.


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Touring with the N97 and my 2nd Impressions

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Less than a week after I picked up a used E90 on eBay (for a steal!), I got a call this past Tuesday from Katie with WOM World, inviting me to tour four cities in the US trialing the N97 with three other bloggers. How could I say no?!

The tour is going to take the four of us through Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago (!), and New York, with various challenges and Barcamps to attend in each city, finishing with a Grand Finale at a yet-to-be-determined location. Each of us will be responsible for trying out specific aspects of the device in each city to really get a feel for what the N97 can really do. I’ll be responsible for navigation, Matt Bennett for content consumption, George Kelly for content creating, and Andrew Currie for connectivity. We will be traveling from the 7th through the 23rd of July and all expenses are on WOM World (including our mobile airtime usage, thanks guys!).

Needless to say, I’m incredibly excited. My only real concern is really how well the N97 will perform when we push it to its limits. I bought a white N97 a couple weeks ago and after only a short amount of time with it, I decided I’d rather have my $600 than keep it (I was much more impessed with the $300 E90 I bought shortly after). The firmware was incredibly buggy, requiring several restarts every day, the hardware keyboard had very little tactile feedback (and personally I hate the shift/alt key arrangement), and the haptic vibration for screen feedback made a scratching sound that made it feel like I was destroying the device every time I touched it. That and I could barely get the device to stay powered for a whole day with all of the widgets connected to various networks all day. The internal hardware (which I had my concerns) turned out to perform better than I thought, but I still saw a lot of applications closing in the background and additional processing time being used in various applications.

The black unit I received from WOM World yesterday already seems to be a completely different beast. It had the newest v11 firmware on it when I opened the box, making the device MUCH more stable, the keyboard has much more feedback than my white one did, and battery life seems to be holding up a lot better too. The “screen scratching” issue is still there, but it’s much less noticeable than on my previous N97. The next three weeks will really put the CPU and RAM to the test.

The dates and links are posted below if you’d like to attend  any of the barcamps to hang out with us. If you’re not familiar with the term barcamp (like me!), there’s also a link for that too. 🙂

Los Angeles Barcamp, Saturday, July 11th, 10am-5pm

San Francisco Barcamp, Tuesday, July 14th, 7pm-10pm

Chicago Barcamp, Saturday, July 18th, 10am-5pm

BarCamp is an international network of user generated conferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants. The first BarCamps focused on early-stage web applications, and related open source technologies, socialprotocols, and open data formats. The format has also been used for a variety of other topics, including public transit, health care, and political organizing.