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Samsung i8910HD Review: THE device of 2009?

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The road to getting myself settled with a Samsung i8910HD has certainly been a long one. After going through 2 defective 8gb i8910HD’s and getting a 16gb that works properly, about a dozen headaches trying to get the firmware software installed and running properly on my PC, and going through almost all of the different available firmwares for the phone, I’ve finally gotten myself comfortable enough to write a proper review. Hopefully I’ll be able to highlight some features of the i8910HD that haven’t been featured in any of the other reviews that have already been published and shed some light on how the i8910HD performs for those who can’t handle one themselves so easily.

I purchased two defective 8gb i8910HD’s from CellsWholesale (pending a full refund) and I purchased the 16gb i8910HD used in this review from Mobile City Online for $725 total ($699+25 overnight shipping, now backordered).

Thanks to all who attended the live Q+A on Qik! If you missed it (and have a couple hours to kill), you can watch the full video here.

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The Trouble With Resistive

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I came across this picture the other day and was amazed at how well it visually captured everything I hate about resistive touch screens (the phone is the HTC Touch Diamond 2).

Notice the “waves” of the top layer of plastic that’s going to make contact with the user’s stylus and fingers. Having used several touch screens with this type of screen recently, the one thing I’ve noticed is that this top thin layer is anything but durable. Those “waves” will shift as you use the screen over time and even with normal usage or a screen protector applied, tiny skids and lines will start to appear over the surface. And you can absolutely forget about putting this phone in your pocket with keys. I’m not one to do such a thing (usually my phone has its own dedicated pocket), but I know there are people who do.

Comparing that experience to the durability of a capacitive screen with tempered glass is part of the reason I’m so geared up on using the i8910. I never found too much difficulty in normal usage or in clarity as I’ve heard other people complain about on phones like the 5800XM. My biggest gripe was how the screen felt like it was simply going to fall apart if I kept the phone any longer and seeing how quickly it developed a noticeable amount of wear after very little abuse. What I don’t understand is why this type of screen is still being used when thicker plastic layers have been used over resistive screens on other devices and have held up much better.

Check out these videos to see how much tempered glass makes a difference.

Written by Jonathan

May 15, 2009 at 3:16 pm

I’m not buying the 5800XM NAM and neither should you

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Well, maybe that’s a bit strong. Let me be a bit clearer. You shouldn’t buy it if you already own the Euro version and/or are waiting for the N97.

Nokia is having a one day sale for 10% off the preorder of the 5800XM NAM or the E63. You can also snag yourself an additional 5% off your entire order if you include an accessory with your order (though good luck sifting through the accessories that are actually in stock and available through their online site). As Boy Genius Reports, “throw in another handset or even an accessory such as a Bluetooth headset and you’re looking at $339.15 – not bad at all“, and I agree. I’m not upset at this deal at all. I’m upset at Nokia’s piss poor history of not being able to release US devices at the same time as the Euro counterparts and they’ve been banking on it every time. Read on to understand what I’m talking about.

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Written by Jonathan

February 15, 2009 at 7:03 am

5800 XpressMusic Mini Review Part 1: Calling

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Given how much my opinion of the 5800XM has fluctuated so much since I first received it, I think the only effective way I’ll be able to review it is in parts, similar to how the Guru is reviewing it. I would, however, like to review some of the lesser noticed features that people may be interested in rather than the main features that have been reviewed to death as it is already.

Click ahead to read how well I feel the 5800XM performs as a phone first.

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Written by Jonathan

January 9, 2009 at 7:37 am

Updating the 5800XM (or any S60 phone) with Phoenix

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Before I did too deeply into any review of the 5800XM I received several weeks ago now, I think it’s necessary for anyone who has the means to update their device to the next firmware, whether it’s officially available or not. The update changes enough things that I feel it’s worth it to take the risk, and if you happen to be running an APAC firmware, the update allows you to switch product codes to get a much nicer looking set of fonts.

Some things to keep in mind before continuing…

  • As with most firmware updates, flashing will erase all of your information. Be sure to backup anything important.
  • Using this method to flash could potentially damage your device. I assume no liability should you damage or brick your phone.
  • Changing your product code will void your devices manufacturer warranty. It is always possible to use this same method to revert back to the original product code, though again, I assume no liability if your warranty is void from this update process.

If the desire for a stable firmware and nicer looking fonts is more important than these things for you, click through for the walkthrough.

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Written by Jonathan

January 5, 2009 at 12:06 pm

Why no scratchpad on 5th Edition?

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After having used several different drawing and notes applications on the N810 that were designed specifically for free-form stylus input, such functionality is something I had come to expect out of resistive touch screen devices that make use of a stylus. You can only imagine then how disappointed I was to read that the 5800XM does not have any application like this whatsoever (from All About Symbian’s 3rd part of their 3 part 5800XM review) and the same appears to go for all of 5th Edition.

I don’t think having a device that relies so heavily on touch input is complete without an application like this available for installation, if not embedded in the native firmware. If you’re not familiar, it operates much like Microsoft Paint except on your touch-enabled portable device (see the screenshot below).

Click on this link to get to the S60 Wish for this application if you’d like to use something like this on your 5800XM or other 5th Edition device in the future (the link should be live after the wish passes moderation). I’ve also continued this discussion in a thread on HoFo to gain more momentum and hopefully have at least a beta available within the next couple weeks.