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N97 Tour: Day 11, Chicago Mobile Camp

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Saturday was our third and final Mobile Camp at the Illinois Institute of Technology and it was a very mixed bag. The turnout was very low with only two attendees, which was the least of the three. Despite this setback, a lot more personal discussion came out of having such a small group and it allowed everyone to expresss their opinions without anything getting lost.

The most interesting discussion to me that came up at all of the Mobile Camps was why the US market is so different from the rest of the markets where Nokia’s devices are sold. In short, the US market saw the rise of desktops before smartphones, whereas the Asian market saw just the opposite, and Europe saw the rise of both at almost the same time. With that said, it’s no surprise that the iPhone has become so successful in a market that’s trying to get a desktop to fit in their pocket efficiently and with the immense amount of control the carriers have. It emphasizes yet again that Nokia needs to market themselves completely different in the US than they do in other countries and I think efforts like this tour are certainly a step in the right direction.

We also put together a video of Matthew demonstrating the video editing software built into the N95 from years ago that hasn’t been seen on more recent offerings. After seeing the demo and becoming much more focused on mobile blogging on this trip, I’d very much like to see this feature brought back on handsets in the future.

Big thanks to Jeremiah (Pseudofinn) and Craig (SockMonkey) for making it out to the Mobile Camp! It was great to meet you guys and share so many thoughts about the mobile industry.

I personally don’t have any images from the event, but here’s a picture of a movie poster mixup seen near one of the trains we took back to the hotel.

“Right in the Mouth”

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Word Mobi!!!!!11!!1!1!!

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Last night I faced stability issues with my main N97 that required me to switch to the backup and also required I reinstall all of my apps. Apparently I found an older version of WordMobi and only realized it after it failed to save my nearly finished (and very long) blog post about our adventures in Chicago thus far.

Rather than rewrite it this late, I only have time to post what’s important for tomorrow, and that happens to be our final Mobile Camp at the Illinois Institute of Technology in the Armour Room between 10am and 4pm. Just like our previous Mobile Camps, there will be food, drink, and everyone gets a free T-shirt. If you’re in the area and like anything mobile, swing by, hang out, and join in some of the mobile discussion. We’d love to have you! The signup link is in several of my previous posts, but you can just show up if you’d like too. You can find the signup page here .

Though my original post was lost, I will at least post that I did reach the top of the Sears (Willis) Tower today with all three of the required images, winning the city race challenge. I’ll leave you with one of the many breathtaking shots I took at the top.


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N97 Tour: Day 7, Draw by number and Mobile Camp 2

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Yesterday we set out to complete our first set of challenges suggested by the folks at WOM World. As the GPS ambassador for the tour, my first challenge was to use Sports Tracker to draw the number “2” on San Francisco using Sports Tracker (ala Stavros). This was the first of a three part challenge to draw “24/7” on our three most recent cities. George Kelly was kind enough to join me and capture some photos and videos along the way, all of which should be uploaded as soon as we can.

Our path took us from North Point St and Van Nesse Ave, followed the coast to the east, southwest on Market St and east on 16th St, ending right under the Embarcadero highway. Check the screenshot below or click here click here to see it all the details on my Sports Tracker page.


Following the completion of the challenge, we made our way to the Swedish American Hall for our second Mobile Camp. We had a larger turnout that the last one and it was excellent meeting so many people. Thanks to everyone that made an appearance!


Just a reminder, if you’re going to be in the Chicago area, PLEASE come to our third and last Mobile Camp at the Illinois Institute of Technology between 10am and 4pm in the Armour Room. It’s free, it’s fun, there’s food, and you get to hang out with new people and devices. Oh, and you get a free T-shirt. Why wouldn’t you go?

Get youself signed up on the official Mobile Camp site (ha) here .

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