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N97 Tour: Final Day, draw by number 3

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For our last day in New York, I was committed to making sure the 24/7 numbers were complete across our last three cities. Accompanied by George, Siobhan, Donna, Katie, and Dan, we set out to finish the last of the Sports Tracker challenges. Since I wasn’t able to find an acceptable route to pair the “/” next to the “4” or the “7”, we instead decided to draw a European 7 over Manhattan. This one’s for you, Tom. 😉

You can also check out the route on my Sports Tracker page, here.
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Written by Jonathan

July 25, 2009 at 5:23 pm

N97 Tour: Day 14, The Scavenger Hunt

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Orchestrated by MobileDan and the folks at WOM World, the Scavenger Hunt was our incredible challenge for Tuesday, doubling as a great opportunity to see New York. Using coordinates sent to us from DanDan and Katie from WOM World, each team was to use the Landmarks application in our N97s to find our destinations and use Nokia Maps to navigate ourselves there. George and I made up the first team, starting near Central Park and Andrew and Matt made up the second, starting in

Sports Tracker route through Central Park, part 1, part 2

1. William Tecumseh Sherman

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N97 Tour: Day 12, the Presidents Walk/Ride and draw by number 2

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Yesterday was a day for Sports Tracker. Being the last day in Chicago, it was imperative to finish the last two challenges handed down from WOM World before we departed for New York.

The first of the challenges was to lead the group on a “Presidents Walk”, touring Chicago using only streets names after US presidents (excusing Lake Shore Dr). I spent a few hours planning the route on Friday but once we started it, we quickly realized that the “walk” would be much better suited if we had a faster form of transportation. We decided to rent bicycles from Navy Pier and it was definitely the right decision.


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N97 Tour: Day 10, Home Court Advantage

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Yesterday we recieved our second set of official challenges from WOM World, the first being to spread the word about the Chicago Mobile Camp. Each of us was assigned to contact the media about the event through newspapers, TV outlets, radio stations, and in person at the Nokia Flagship store. The first three were not very successful since it was the day before the event, but we did manage to print some fliers and get them out at the Flagship Store and over the course of the rest of the day.


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N97 Tour: Day 8, Highest to Lowest

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For my second challenge, I took a journey to the tallest point in San Francisco and used Sports Tracker to draw our path down to the lowest point. Matt Bennett and Dan Silvers joined me in taking the 37 bus up the winding roads to Twin Peaks where we climbed the steep stairs to the top.


The plan was to use the incredible view to see Mount Davidson, which is really the highest point in the city (according to Wikipedia), but the intense weather made it impossible to see more than 100 yards in any direction.


From there, Dan and I took the F Market line back up towards the coast (losing rockstar Matt once we neared the hotel) and made our way to the waterline to catch the lowest point. Unfortunately, both of our SportsTracker applications had a hard time dealing with the lack of consistent GPS reception and required a quick reboot to get the data loaded properly. Mine appeared to stop working shortly after we left the mountain peak, but Mobile Dan’s worked a lot better. Check out these links to get to our SportsTracker pages and take a look at the difference in elevation. I didn’t realize it would be so dramatic!

Also take a look at the video captured from the top of the peak live using Qik.

Once again, we have a lot more media to put up that was captured on our adventure and this post will be updated once all of it has been uploaded properly .

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N97 Tour: Day 7, Draw by number and Mobile Camp 2

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Yesterday we set out to complete our first set of challenges suggested by the folks at WOM World. As the GPS ambassador for the tour, my first challenge was to use Sports Tracker to draw the number “2” on San Francisco using Sports Tracker (ala Stavros). This was the first of a three part challenge to draw “24/7” on our three most recent cities. George Kelly was kind enough to join me and capture some photos and videos along the way, all of which should be uploaded as soon as we can.

Our path took us from North Point St and Van Nesse Ave, followed the coast to the east, southwest on Market St and east on 16th St, ending right under the Embarcadero highway. Check the screenshot below or click here click here to see it all the details on my Sports Tracker page.


Following the completion of the challenge, we made our way to the Swedish American Hall for our second Mobile Camp. We had a larger turnout that the last one and it was excellent meeting so many people. Thanks to everyone that made an appearance!


Just a reminder, if you’re going to be in the Chicago area, PLEASE come to our third and last Mobile Camp at the Illinois Institute of Technology between 10am and 4pm in the Armour Room. It’s free, it’s fun, there’s food, and you get to hang out with new people and devices. Oh, and you get a free T-shirt. Why wouldn’t you go?

Get youself signed up on the official Mobile Camp site (ha) here .

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Diary of an Urban Ninja-Challenge 1

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My girlfriend and I had been planning to use my day off to vote early as to avoid the ridiculously long lines, but it seems that was going to be inevitable. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t have fun and tie my first challenge into it! And so began the first journey of the Urban Ninja…

We began our journey when Rachel came home from work. I was busy playing Guitar Hero: World Tour and trying to figure out how the hell to use the new touch-sensitive buttons conveniently.

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Written by Jonathan

October 30, 2008 at 4:39 am